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Creating the right conditions for patient recovery and recuperation is an essential part of any healthcare institution’s remit. We work with hospitals, surgeries, care homes and other service providers across the UK, helping them safeguard the welfare of the people in their care.

Due to the high volume of people coming and going, the healthcare sector requires heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that reflect the needs of each establishment, in order to maintain good air quality and the right environment for patients and members of staff alike. Alongside user-friendly energy controls that are key to keeping the systems running smoothly and effectively.


We understand that your patients and their welfare are your priority, and the environment in which they are treated is dependant on the condition they arrive to you in. For example, those on a burn unit may need a warmer climate, to keep humidity levels as high as possible to help promote healing, compared to those on a brain trauma ward who will need a cooler environment, due to the difficulty of regulating the temperature of their bodies.


It has also been found that members of staff who work within the healthcare sector also benefit from an environment where they feel comfortable and work more effectively, due to an efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. An effective system also prevents health problems, and helps people feel more energised and creative.


This then, in turn, results in a hospital that performs better, further aiding patient recovery.We understand that the healthcare sector is stretched, and the industry’s regulations and budgets are tight. That’s why our specialised mechanical services and HVAC packages are tailored to your specific needs.

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