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Each project is unique and brings its own challenges, the system needs to be meticulously thought out in order to be energy efficient, meet the demand of the building's occupants and be within the budget.

HVAC installation projects are complex and failure to plan effectively can lead to expensive, time-consuming delays. Looking beyond the cheapest quote is essential, as you need to determine which company is best equipped to manage your project and deal with problems.

Factors to consider include:






















Technical understanding

Are you dealing with a company that fully understands how the HVAC industry works, and what you are trying to achieve?


Asking how a system compares to others the company installed in the past, or what other approaches they considered but ruled out, could provide some useful insight.


City and Guilds and REFCOM certification show the company meets certain safety and quality standards, while industry-specific credentials are important to ensure engineers can carry out whatever work is necessary to deliver the optimum system for your business.



A commercial HVAC provider should keep you informed at every stage, whether to seek your input or simply to update you on progress.


If communication is not happening in the initial stages of discussing a contract, you should not expect it to improve once work is underway, so be wary if you do not feel you are treated as a true partner in the process. 

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